So, Who Are We?

In our last post we told you a bit about our camper and how we came to own it. So now we’re going to share with you a little about ourselves!


As you may know, we are Sarah and Andrew, and we currently live in Aurora, Canada. I’m (Sarah) originally from Scarborough, which is basically a suburb of Toronto, and lucky Andrew is from a town called Bracebridge. It’s about 2 hours North of Toronto and is what us Canadians like to call ‘Cottage Country’. I think most of you reading this are going to agree after you see the picture below that it’s beautiful.


When we met, Andrew had a creamsicle cornsnake named Conrad, and though I am typically afraid of snakes, I’ve grown to love him. We also recently adopted 2 baby chinchillas from a rescue. Their parents were left in a tupperware container at the side of some train tracks in the dead cold of winter. 😦 But I’m happy to say that the boys, who we named Hudson and Jasper (in an ode to Canada), are thriving and are completely hyper and adorable.

For work, I’m an Analyst for an Adventure Travel Company called G Adventures. I basically look at numbers all day, but getting to work in travel, which is something I love, is a great place for me to be. The big trips I get to take are also a perk of the job. 😉 I just managed to visit the elusive 7th continent of Antarctica with the company and it was an experience unlike anything I’ve ever had.

Of course, like any traveller, I have a bucket list a mile long. Right now, I’m craving some beach time in the Caribbean as I’ve never been to an all-inclusive and could use some relaxing downtime. But after that who knows. We’re deciding between the Middle East, East Africa or possibly even some of Central America.

Andrew works as a Hydrovac Operator for a power company. If you’re like me, you won’t know what that is. In a nutshell, they use a big rig with high pressured water to dig holes when there is a risk of hitting power lines, etc. in the ground. Personally, I think he just likes playing in the mud. =P

He’s quite the adventure seeker and has done some crazy things that, to be frank, scare me. He once travelled across Vietnam on a motorbike that him and a friend bought for cheap. If you’ve been to South East Asia and seen the way they drive there, you will know why this terrifies me!

When we’re not renovating the camper, we’re big fans of spending time outdoors hiking and swimming, binge watching Netflix series and playing all types of games. We both like finding unique accommodation to stay in (a yurt was our favourite), and I’m a big fan of zombies. Andrew loves ATVing (and like I mentioned above, playing in the mud with it).

So why did we decide to renovate the camper? Well, I’m a really big fan of interior design, and have always dreamed of creating a dream home for myself. That is currently out of reach, and I love the tiny home movement. So I’ve taken that dream to the camper for now. The camper allows us to spend time in the forest, which is where we both find we can relax and unwind the most – so hopefully the new and improved camper will allow us to spend more time exploring.


As for design, I’ve been inspired by a lot of people throughout the year, but I really love the crisp, white, classic style of Jillian Harris and her cousin, Tori Wesszer. I’ve followed them both for years and took a lot of inspiration from them for this project.

But I’m also loving the boho vibe right now of a few Instagram accounts, namely The Joshua Tree House and The Jungalow. I adore succulents (I’ve got about 30 at home) and can’t wait to try to incorporate them into our camper. I’m also trying my hand at macrame – I’ll let you know how that goes when I actually complete a project.

The camper may end up being a mashup of a few styles, but I’m okay with that, because Andrew and I ourselves are quite a mashup of interests and experiences.

So that’s us! If I failed to answer any of the important things – feel free to comment below or send us an email – sometimes it’s easy to forget what people REALLY want to know about you.

Happy Canada Day to everyone up here – be sure to get out and explore this beautiful country of ours! Andrew and I will be heading to a music festival with the camper this weekend, so pictures will follow!




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