My (Original) Inspiration

I have always loved interior design and decorating, and can remember designing my room (with the help of my Mom) all the way back to my teen years.

At the time I was really into hot pink, bright yellow and zebra print – but I don’t think that’s going to fly for the camper. =P

The last few years I have taken my home design dreams from 2 people in particular.

Jillian Harris (former Bachelorette), creates the most beautiful spaces. In her old home, her living room caused me envy (and I searched up and down for an affordable version of her mirror to no avail). I just love the bright open space and light tones.


About 2 years ago, she built her own home, and gave me even more to love. This time around, I love her bedroom and kitchen. Again, simple, classic and feminine design. The wingback bed is one of the things on my list of must-haves when I finally have a home.

And her kitchen – oh my gosh. I didn’t even know a pot-filler existed before I saw these photos. But the tiles are gorgeous – I’m hoping to incorporate something similar in the camper.


Truth be told, I pulled some of the paint colours she used into our camper – we will see how they translate into a smaller, more rustic space.

And then there is Monika Hibbs. This woman though! Every single space she designs is insanely beautiful! I don’t have a favourite room of hers, they’re all just incredible. Again, she uses a lot of whites and neutrals but brings in elegant pops of colour.


This bedroom gives me chills. If anyone knows where to get an affordable version of this bench – please let me know! And the lights below in her kitchen are one of my favourite elements.

With such a tiny space, I don’t know how much inspiration I can fit in – but I will certainly try! Unfortunately I’ve decided that an apron-front sink won’t be in the cards for the camper as I can’t find a version small and durable enough to survive bumpy roads. But don’t be surprised to see other elements, like the paint colours, backsplash tiles and countertops featuring in our camper!

Who is your design inspiration?! I love seeing people turning old houses into beautiful spaces – so I would love for you to share in the comments below!

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