The ‘Before ‘ Pictures

Since our renovation isn’t already complete and we are documenting as we go along, I thought I’d share some pictures of how the camper looked in its (mostly) original state. I say mostly because I had already pulled down the floral border and the blue fabric valances (I’ll post the only pictures Andrews Mom had of the camper with these details at the bottom of this post – please excuse the mess)!



As with the whole of the camper, the wood is my biggest issue making it seem so outdated. Now, I like wood – but in small doses. The only time I think a lot of wood looks really good is in a (most likely very expensive) beautiful log cabin.

We need all the storage we can get so I’m not changing the layout of the camper at all, but I’d like to update the hardware to something a little more modern or rustic depending on the look I decide to go for. I’m also looking to do something with the stovetop (thinking a butcher block cover instead of the metal one), and I want to turn the fridge into a chalkboard. And of course, new countertops will make a huge difference.

Seating Areas


There are two real seating areas in the camper. The first is the hideous couch below. The pattern is terrible, and even the shape of the couch isn’t very appealing. I’ll be looking to update this some way – since we want to keep it as a sofa bed and have to keep the storage space underneath (it leads to outside), our options are limited.

The second space is the dinette. I’m thinking this will be less work as I really just need to reupholster the existing cushions and update the table. I haven’t decided what to do here yet – opinions are appreciated!



Not much has to be done to the bedroom. Besides a coat of paint, I’m going to look into some kind of shelves to use as nightstands since it’s such a small space. We also want to mount a TV eventually.

Bathroom Sink Nook

The sink for the bathroom isn’t actually in the bathroom but is just outside the door in the bedroom area. I plan to remove the medicine cabinet since we don’t use it and replace instead with a nice mirror. I’d also like to get a new countertop (probably butcher block), as well as sink and faucet. This might be a big task since this is SUCH a tiny space.

I didn’t detail the bathroom yet because it actually isn’t being touched for now. Eventually we will prime and paint it, but it’s my lowest priority.


And then of course will come all the small touches! I want to update some lights and lighting fixtures, add some decor and get some plants! These little things are what bring it all together and I can’t wait to get to this stage.

So all-in-all, pretty standard before pictures since I find most trailers/RV’s/fifth wheels have very similar interiors. As I’m writing this I’m getting excited about the ‘After’ post I’ll get to do later on down the road – it’ll be well worth the wait!

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