Boho Inspo

In my last inspiration post, I showed you guys the clean, classic designs of Jillian Harris and Monika Hibbs. And while I love all the whites and neutrals they use, these colours and styles might not translate well into a trailer being used mainly for camping and outdoor activities. Their styles also tend to be BIG – as in big beds, big headboards, big mirrors, etc. – which as we all know, a camper is NOT!

The boho trend is super popular at the moment, and brands are making it very accessible by selling very “boho” themed products. Now, I absolutely love boho – but I don’t know that I can pull it off. It has such a trendy, laid back, hippie-esque vibe, which frankly, I don’t have. But that doesn’t stop me from drooling over the below Instagram accounts on a daily basis.

The Joshua Tree House (@thejoshuatreehouse)


Do you see why I’m in love with this yet? They actually have a house, hacienda AND a casita, and they are all gorgeous. I actually want to plan a trip all the way there, just to stay at this place! Maybe it’s because I live in a place where the air hurts your face in the winter, but I love the desert vibe of their homes, mixed with all the Native American influences. And we can’t forget all the cacti – I LOVE it!

Processed with VSCO with s5 preset

If my design vision-come-to-life will allow it, I’d like to try to incorporate some elements of this type of design. Of course, I’m going to fill our camper with as many cacti and succulents as possible. But I’m also looking to pull in some hanging macrame plant holders (again – I have the materials, just got to get to creating)! I also adore the above blankets from Sackcloth & Ashes – I can’t wait to get to the decorating phase of our reno so that I can justify getting one!

I’m also looking to pull in some kind of Native American inspired art prints (which I plan to make myself) – stay tuned on how that turns out.

And can we talk about their outdoor space?! How amazing would it be to sit out there on a warm summer night with a glass of wine …


Oh – and The Joshua Tree House rents out on Air BnB if you’re interested in checking it out HERE!

The June Motel (@thejunemotel)

Another Instagram I follow are a couple of local girls who have turned a shabby old motel into a rosé lovers dream!


The June is actually not very far from where I live and I should be kicked in the butt for not going sooner. The mix of pink, green and natural elements probably tops my list of looks that I love – but I have a feeling it’s not so easy to get just the right balance.

And the wallpaper they use in their rooms – oh my gosh. Somehow they make floral wallpaper look incredible instead of incredibly outdated. They have such a unique mix of furniture and decorations that alone, you wouldn’t think would go together, but when you look at their common area, it all comes together just right. And though it looks very simple, all the different designs and textures really make their style pop.


If you want to see more, or book a stay with them, you can check them out at

I feel like I need more than one camper to get all my design inspiration out! For now, I’m going to try and combine a few elements of each – wish me luck!

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