About Us

We’re Andrew and Sarah, and we live in Aurora, Ontario, Canada with our beautiful corn snake Conrad and our two hyper chinchilla babies, Jasper and Hudson. While we choose to live near the city due to our jobs, our hearts lie in the wilderness and mountains – and so we take every opportunity we can to pack up the camper and spend a weekend up North.

Andrew is a true adventurer at heart, and a bit of an extreme sport junkie. He grew up in Muskoka and has lived and worked all over Canada; he loves mountain biking and hitting the trails on his ATV – and his new motorcycle – whenever possible. His greatest love in life though, might just be pizza.


I (Sarah) have a love for travel and all the cultures of the world. I’ve visited all 7 continents and though a bit more reserved while at home, I never say no while travelling. Some of my most incredible moments have been rappelling into caves in New Zealand, being a pecking post for penguins in Antarctica and looking for rhinos on foot in Africa.


But I also love projects and decorating … 

Our journey actually started almost a year ago in September 2017, after I saw some photos of a caravan renovation a former coworker had done in Australia. One day while we were camping (I believe in Killarney Provincial Park), I convinced Andrew that the horrible floral border in the camper had to go. We used a whole bottle of goo-gone, but that hideous thing was gone in a couple hours. Looking around at the camper and seeing how much better it looked already, I decided the floral curtains had to be torn down also – and I did just that.


Since we live where it gets super cold in the winter, our renovation was on hiatus for the winter months – but that gave me all the time I needed to get Andrew on board with a complete renovation!

Follow us along on our journey as we renovate our Fleetwood camper; we’ll be sharing all our tips and tricks (and our failures) as we go!