What kind of camper do you have?

Our camper is a 24 foot, 2002 Fleetwood ‘North West’ edition.

What do you tow the camper with?

Sarah – I’ll let Andrew answer this one … it’s a truck.

Andrew – 2012 Ram 2500 6.7l Cummins. Has a 2.5 inch levelling kit in the front and 35 inch tires. Has a BadAss Customs front bumper and a modified rear bumper. Has lots of aftermarket lighting by Speed Demon Lights. Has some other fun modifications including blue under glow and a train horn.

How much did you spend on renovations?

The renovation is still in the early stages. I’ll be listing exact numbers in my posts, but so far I would say roughly $400 (CAD).

How long did you spend on the renovations?

In total so far – almost a year! That’s since we decided to pull down the hideous flower border. Realistically we have spent 7 days so far. 1 pulling down the border and removing curtains. 1 prepping and painting doors and 5 painting the interior (with more painting time to come).

What was the most difficult part of the renovation?

Again, early stages – but so far the painting has taken WAY longer than I anticipated.

Did you make any mistakes in the renovation process?

So far none really. But, I would definitely recommend that if you take on this kind of project, you make sure you have space to work on it on your property! Working at a different location means you risk not giving your paint enough time to dry before reloading the camper – our couch completely ruined part of our paint job!

What is your favourite campground?

I think we would both definitely say Killbear Provincial Park, especially if you can get a beach spot (this books up immediately at 7am, 5 months to the day when the park starts accepting reservations). It’s incredibly beautiful, the beaches are amazing and the hikes are great.


What’s your must have camp gear (besides the camper)?

Sarah – A headlamp! I’m one of those people that has to get up in the night to use the bathroom – since I’m afraid of bears, this is a necessity to me!

Andrew – Beer.